Spares For Water Treatment Plants

We are supplying all the spares required for D.M., Softening and filteration plant of Any make.

We are supplying following spares.

  • 100 % Acid / Alkali proof Tubular level gauges for Acid / Alkali Storage / Measuring tnaks.
  • Acid / Caustic Dosing Ejectors in PPLining / Ebonite Lining.
  • Rubber Lined / Polypropelyne ( PP ) Lined Piping.
  • 100 % Efficient Fume absorber for HCl Acid fume dilution.
  • Middle collector distribution header, Laterals, Bottom collecting PP Nozzles ( Strainers)
  • Acrylic Sight Glasses
  • Valves, valve spares,
  • PP/ PVC Fabricated items
  • Measuring tanks in Mild steel with both side rubber lined.
Spares For Water Treatment Plants
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